Utility Pouch Large

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Organize your bag and protect your small stuff with our utility pouches. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.


Chrome accessories keep your essentials organized and within reach. Built with the same superior quality as the rest of our products, our accessories keep you and your daily essentials protected, organized, and within reach.




• The best Velcro closure money can buy


• 1,000-denier, weatherproof military grade nylon outer shell
• 18-oz., weatherproof, truck-tarp inner liner
• Nylon 69 thread
• Made in USA

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Very Helpful Organizer
I bought two of these to organize things in my Yalta pack, one black and one red. They are great, very large capacity, tight velcro closure, waterproof.....i throw everything that would go in my pockets in one (wallet, phone,keys,multitool, notebook, pen etc.) and the other for who knows? works better than those tight fitting organizer pockets on some bags.
Review by cowboy / (Posted on 7/3/2015)
Beats a Ziplock bag for sure
Now I can put all my little items like band aids, cleaning pads for iPad/Sunglasses, extra pens,small cases for earbuds & sunglasses, small tools,etc...all the miscellaneous crap I used to keep in a zip lock bag into this Bomber Utility Pouch. Obvious decision & $20 is well worth it for the quality of this piece
Review by Ben / (Posted on 5/25/2013)
Perfect Pouch
This little pouch is amazing. I have two of them. One that holds all my tools and the other to hold misc. stuff. Fits perfectly in my bag.
Review by Annette / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Is great..
I love this pouch.. It can hold a lot of stuff and can have multiple puposes
Review by Blair / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Multi Use pouch
Great little weatherproof pouch - I've used it for a variety of purposes; stored my tools in it, put valuables in it when it was pouring rain, and even stuff like photos and passports that don't do so well when bent (it's rigid enough to hold it's shape).
Review by Grave Concern / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Truely of all the stars that you can offer!!
I have been using Chrome bags for about five years now, and can honestly say that it has made life a lot easier. In that time I have owned for bags. Thats not to say that I have went through them or they failed over and over again. My first two were from a friend that turned me onto them, Clark Wittington. I have now paid that debt forward by giving those away as gift, so as to, let others knom how great these bags are and that they might purchase a new one for themselves.
The third was sold to me by a friend with just two months of use out of it before he went on to other things. Then my fourth come from friends that have a bike shop called North Star Customs. I should a least say the first two were the citizen bags. The third is the Kremlin, and the fourth is the Berlin. The last two I still have.
I have been blessed to have been able to make a living delivering on my bikes with my Chrome bags, for have paid for them selves in under two weeks a piece. They are definitely a product that is a testament to itself, without the use reviews. But I guess reviews help. I am such a fan of the brand that I am now heading into the apparel aspect of the company, because if the bag can stand up to the weather and other conditions of the southeast, I am 100% certain the clothes, shoes, and accessories will be able to do the same. That is ti for right now, I will be back in a few months with another review after Chrome apparel and I put each other two the fall and winter test!!!!!
Review by Ibrahim Myers / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I love this Peace of Shit
1st of all the shit is waterproof and when i got it cleaned it out and drank some gin and juice out of it.......
But now i put my tools and all other bullshit I can find for my bike.
Great job on the velcro it real strong and I know the bag look small on the a picture but it big just RIGHT
BUT all in all This product is a great buy cause there a of USE for it.

PEOPLE please drink responsibly
Review by the young dread / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Badass pouch
Fully lined like Chromes messenger bags, the velcro is great, holds a considerable amount of tools and other stuff.

Probably will buy another one for some of my camera gear, seeing as how my first one holds all my bike tools.

Good stuff boys, good stuff.
Review by The Beardman / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Stupid cool pouch
I'm a fan of this pouch. just got mine in the mail a couple of days ago. fits perfectly into the side of my Metro. I'm a huge fan of matching products. So I gladly switched everything over from a craftsman tool bag into this... with room to spare in this pouch. the only problem is... now I need another one to put on the other side of my Metro. COME ON CHROME! WHY WOULD YOU PUT ME IN THIS DILEMMA!
Review by Clown Baby / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
So I wanted a tool bag to store all of my loose ends that I carry with me every day. This is amazing... I was awe struck at everything I could fit in here...

-CO2 pump with spare cartridge
-TWO 700c innertubes
-a philips and flat head
-a cresent wrench
-a pair of pliers
-metric alen wrench set
-two tire levers
-glass cleaner (my glasses get dirty so much)
-4oz ProLink lube
-4 extra AAA batteries for my lights
-First aid kit (about 2" x 3.5")
-and an extra set of brake pads

The velcro still latches fine, but it is at its limit, I could probably fit something small in there, but nothing too big.

Seriously durable and looks good sitting in my Metropolis too :)
Review by mclovin / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Worth it, oh so worth it
It's tough, it fits what you need, and it's waterproof.

Honestly perfect for your bike tools, tires and all that. Simply great.
Review by Tegan / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Festive and fabulous
I have 8 of these jewels. I use them for a wallet, office supplies, computer junk, makeup, jewelry, film and camera accessories, maps, and tools. They have been to NOLA, NYC and Fredericksburg, and everywhere in Houston. For a lawyer, and a practical glam girl such as myself these can't be beat. Sturdy and secure and the perfect size. Thanks for the product!
Review by Suzanne / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Good for the small stuff
I've got a Metro for my daily carry to the office, but sometimes the slide pockets in the front get a wee bit overstuffed, and even then little things can slip out. Enter the utility pouch. I love that it matches the bag and it's sturdy as all get out. I cram it full and just drop it in the bag, never needing to worry where this or that small object may be, because it's not going to fall out and get lost in the belly of my Metro.

One point of improvement I would request is a slightly taller flap--this little pouch can contain way more than the flap can cover, but if the flap was an inch longer, with a corresponding increase of soft velcro on the face of the pouch, the horizons for this pouch would expand dramatically!
Review by Trevvor / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Standard Utility Pouch Review
This guy is my best friend! I have one for makeup and one for my wallet/checkbook stuff. Having a big open bag, it really helps to have one of these to grab stuff you need quickly. The liner makes it super easy to keep clean and access what I need quickly. I even use it as a "clutch" when I grab lunch!
Review by Kelsey / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Holds quite a bit.
This pouch is incredibly tough and is capable of holding a good amount of stuff. I keep all of my repair items in it, i.e.: spare tube, patches, multi-tool, mini-pump, chain lube, etc. However, it seems like it could hold so much more, but the relatively narrow velcro strip won't allow the pouch to be closed when filled to absolute capacity. Regardless, it serves my uses well. I like being able to toss my durable repair kit in my Chrome bag when kicking around town, or my hydration pack when I hit the trails.
Review by Shawn / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Money Well Spent
I think this is a great little pouch. I use to have my tool's ,and little supplys thrown around all over my bag ,and it was destroying it. Decided to buy this. Problem solved my bag is'nt destroyed and it fits everything i need. This pouch has my air pump,2 tire levers,ajustible rench,patch kit,15mm rench and allen key set with plenty of spce left so yah it can hold lots of stuff.
Review by Kevinjosell / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Does what it's meant to
This pouch is perfect for carrying your bike tools. Simple, hard wearing and effective!
Review by Tas / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
One of the best products chome offers.
I own three of these. I use inside of my citizen messenger bag. I can see my self using these Utility bags for the next several decades. Thanks Chome!
Review by Ben / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
organize your $hit.
This is a great "bag within a bag" to organize your commuter pack/bag. I have both sizes and I find them extremely well made and useful to help you organize your gear and make it easy to get access to.
Review by John V / (Posted on 4/26/2013)