Phone Pouch

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Secures phone and other small stuff within reach. Compatible with most Chrome messenger bags and backpacks. Guaranteed for life.

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Great Phone Pouch

Review by OcTaviUs

A high quality accessory except the velcro, is spent until it stops serving and is not easy to repair.


unstitched velcro

Review by silop

Velcro for attaching to a backpack strap is very strong. I use it on and off the backpack, therefore I fasten and unfasten it regularly. However, velcro became unstitched after 3 months. I wish stitches were stronger.

Not for bigger phones (I have iPhone 6s with case). My phone fits snugly, flap of the pouch leaves the edges of the phone open, this may hamper the protection of the pouch during rain.


Great Stuff

Review by Geniusjoel

Need to increase size to allow Otterbox style phone covers.


Amazing Quality, but to small

Review by Phillip

This case, just like everything else Chrome makes, is top notch quality. All the fabric is fantastic and sturdy and like their bags has no intention of breaking anytime soon.

That said it's just to small to be useable. I have a One Plus One and even though it supposedly has the same screen size as an iPhone 6, it doesn't want to fit into this pouch. I was pretty disappointed that it didn't fit as I was really looking forward to receiving this in the mail. Now I have to return it.
Also, one suggestion, you might consider creating a small intent or hole to accommodate a headphone jack.


Too small, but nice.

Review by JR

As a few have mentioned, larger phones don't fit well. I had to add a piece of velcro higher than the existing one so the flap would shut. Great protection, but would be great to have a small, medium and large sized options.


Great pouch

Review by Zerosedation

This is a great pouch with one little draw back, they need to increase the size to accomodate for larger phones ...


Needs to be bigger

Review by Gerry

Great pouch, but it needs to be updated to a larger size. I have an iPhone 6 in an Otterbox case, so it's a bit beefy. That being said, I don't know anyone who doesn't put their iPhone in a case of some sort. If they made this just a bit taller and wider, it'd be a killer pouch for me. As it stands now, I can't fit my phone into it unless I remove it from the case.


Dear Chrome, not everyone has an iPhone!

Review by dm

This is a great case with a great price and a great addition to my pack but it BARELY fits my Galaxy S5 with a slim case. I've been search for a case like this but everything seems to be built around iPhones which is extremely annoying. The velcro does close with my phone inside but just by a few small pieces right at the edge of the flap and edge of the velcro. If the flap were longer it wouldn't be a problem. I'm probably going to have to sew on my own velcro strip to get it to hold more securely. It's a shame that us non iPhone users can't get quality items to fit our phones.


wish it was a little bigger

Review by Phil

loved this pouch while it fit my iphone 4 when i went to th the 6 it didnt fit that well but still made it work


Too small for modern phones

Review by Keyesy

Does not fit iphone 6, samsung galaxy series, or any phone larger than an iphone 5.


The one and only pouch.

Review by Kenny

Best phone pouch. I feel very safe having my phone and credit cards in this pouch. Key ring is so clutch !!!! Simple and Secured.


used and love it for iphone 4 and 5

Review by Samurai

wish they made sizes for iphone 6 and 6 plus cuz i changed to 6 plus and the pouch been sitting at home now


Best phone pouch out there!

Review by pigchicken

I got this a few weeks ago and have loved it ever since. There is room enough in the pouch for a pack a cigarettes and your phone. also with the phone facing up in the pouch it acts almost like a personal speaker.


It is great, but...

Review by Jon

Not all of us carry around iPhones. Some of us use Android phones like, say, a Galaxy S5. This pouch doesn't work so well for beefier phones. It is great and I do love it, but I wish it would grow along with my smartphone upgrades. Now it sits empty, lonely, longing for a companion attached to the strap of my Citizen. To the kind artisans at Chrome, how about a phone pouch that's more universal in its capabilities?


The best phone holster you can get

Review by Duane D.

It keeps my phone secure and dry. The pockets allow me to keep my space pen handy, as well as my ID card and a spare battery for my cellphone.


Great for holding stuff....

Review by Max Parra

It's great because my iPhone fits perfect in this pouch, it also holds my keys and to make things better it also attaches to my belt or to the velcro on my bags strap.


Keeps my iPhone cocked, locked, and ready to rock..

Review by B Rad

I'll start with the ending: best holster ever.

Why? It's simple, stupid. Burly Velcro ensures your device stays put and offers a bunch of options for mounting to any bag. Having your phone or PDA at the ready when you ride can mean getting the days last delivery or not getting the call to the local bar. Myself? I went over the bars and dislocated my elbow, necessitating a speedy drive to the Emergency Room. With my cell on my bag strap, I was able to call my girlfriend for a ride before anyone called an expensive ambulance.


Awesome Adjustability

Review by Mervin

This is one of the best cellphone holsters I've used. I've had it for over three years and it has adjusted to anything I've put in there. From my small and thin Razr cellphone to my larger Droid cellphone, it handled it with ease and security.


Durable... Dependable...DamnAffordable

Review by Wendellz

People are always asking me where I got the cool holster...thus it is not only an awesome holster but quite a conversation starter as well...Also ,I love the fact that you can adjust it to fit an iPod ...Sad part dog chewed up the straps to my Citizen all I have left is the holster...somehow it survived the attack...But yeah...don't over think yourself a favor and add this to your cart! I've had mine for four years and it still looks like new!


Best Utility Pouch

Review by GraveConcern

This thing is great, and oh so hard to find. The two ways of attaching it to a belt loop (horizontal) and to a bag strap (vertical) are a bonus, as is the ring at the bottom to clip keys to. As durable as other Chrome bags, the main pocket fits my iPhone perfectly, with the outer pocket as a bonus for whatever else i want to stuff away at the time. The velcro pouch flap creates a water resistant case that has taken a beating from the elements. Overall, the best pouch I have come across!


Love the pouch but Jesus makes up for where the velcro fails.

Review by Jason Tomsic

Purchased the pouch for my smart phone (moto Q) at the time. Phone fit nicely, great loop for keys and I like the wing dinger on the side for my space pen. I have issues with the velcro gripping so I use the power of prayer to keep my phone from flying out. Love, love, love the design, very sad about the velcro.



Review by george

hold extra ammo like a charm!


Decent effort with a sure flaw

Review by A Chicago Guy

I bought this pouch for my iPhone and it has generally worked without issue. The exception being the amount of tack in the velcro, which is just not enough. My mobile has fallen out a few times due to the velcro not adhering as one would hope. Fortunately, these falls have all taken place from a height of two or less feet (bending over to tie shoes) and often onto a rug.

Improved velcro or a side squeeze plastic buckle would greatly improve this pouch.



Review by Ray

I would have given 5 stars if the Velcro didn't suck... but it sucks... real baddddd



Review by Phil_Deez

This thing rules hard. It's one of those things that you really can't appreciate until you have one and you wonder why you waited so long to purchase it. It's also great for small Digital Cameras if you're taking a nice scenic ride and want to snap some shots on the quick. Don't be dumb. Just get it.


size matters...

Review by Polo

was just wondering if this product will be sized up soon? I have an evo, and the sucker wont fit in unless i take the case off. please help!!!


The only way to go for the new Droid phones

Review by Threemoons

Got this when I got my Droid 2. My usual brand-Timbuk2-has nada that will fit it well. This does the trick, and my Droid2 fits in easily even with a silicon skin on it. Bonus: My teensy Jabra BT earbug fits in the external pocket as well. Gonna buy a bunch more of these for my other bags.


Except for iphones!!

Review by Juli

I only gave 2 stars, to prevent someone else from ordering this and THEN realizing it doesn't fit the iphone. Yes, it is a great holder as one would expect from Chrome and yes the specs do say "not recommended for the iphone". However, In my haste I failed to read the complete specs. I just assumed.


Accessory Pouch "Faulty Velcro"

Review by tony lazaro

The velcro security will need to be updated. My phone, credit cards, or what every I store inside always falls off. I would of gave this 5 stars but velcro is very bad.


OK for iphone

Review by dc

Must have product for any bag. Works with iphone with some velcro trickery.
Also good for shoulder seat belts in cars with no radio.

BUT, you guys should really think about extending the size range slightly just for ease of use.


Great smartphone holder

Review by The Beardman

Strapped this thing to my Metro bag and don't ever plan to take it off.

Holds my Nexus One snugly (but it's still easy to get out), tried an iPhone 4 and a BlackBerry in it and they fit nice too.

The double inside pocket is good for holding a few extra things, and the flap is decent.

Even if the velcro ever fails (holding up good for now) I wouldn't be worried about my phone ever falling out, unless I bail off my ride maybe.


good but needs improvement

Review by Snack

My Velcro wore out within about 3-4 months of use. Still works but not the securest hold. Easily fits essentials (phone, wallet, keys).


When will there be buckle clip?

Review by Edward

Ostensibly Velcro is prohibiting this particular product to finesse consistent rave reviews. I will buy this accessory pouch as soon as main compartment Velcro is replaced with buckle clip to ensure longevity of durability, and relative worth so I am ready to buy whenever you are ready to sell reasonable accessory pouch. Otherwise I am interested in a product that I believe will eventually be obsolete in a matter of time due to customer reviews anticipating buckle clip upgrade. Best, Edward.


Great buy

Review by Alex

I Bought the holster @ LA Brakeless not knowing that i wasn't recomended for the IPhone however it fits my ipod touch in it just fine


Change for 2011

Review by mike

They did something to the velcro. it is a strip now and not just a little square like the picture. it seems to be ok so far. only time will tell. i havent had any accidental openings. holds my iphone 4 with the bumper case just fine and snug



Review by Luke S

This product holds my EVO and is snug enough that I am not worried about it slipping. It is still able to hold my ipod as well. If the Velcro fails so what it fails, nothing is coming out of this unless I want it to. It is the same Velcro that is on my metropolis and my old mini metro (that my girl has stolen because she loves it). I don’t see it failing and I rarely use the strap to hold the bag closed.

Great product and I will buy another one very soon for my stolen mini metro! More colors would be great but black on back works for me as well


Great little pouch

Review by MROH2U

Bought it to hold my Iphone 4 and it does that to perfection, stapped on to my Chrome messenger bag it works a treat and is protected from the elements.


Was great till I got an Iphone

Review by Marrz

I loved this and used it every day until I upgraded to an Iphone and otterbox Defender case. The holster simply isn't large enough for the otterbox, I'd be willing to buy a larger holster if one were available but I like my possessions protected from both gravity and the elements, that's why I use an otterbox and that's why I use a Chrome messenger bag.


Perfect for me

Review by Seamus

I bought this to hold me HTC Evo and my cards. It holds everything I have needed it to hold and has done a fantastic job of keeping it all dry. I don't let weather keep me off my bike and this pouch has protected my phone from rain, sleet, snow, and hail so far. I think I might need another one of these.


Please make a bigger one

Review by Lindsay

I've had my holster for several years and recently upgraded to a smart phone that is pretty much the size of an iPhone. I was able to tweak the velcro so that the phone fits (protective casing and all), but it just barely closes. Now after a year of use, the tiny strip of velcro that keeps my phone from falling out is losing it's stick. Ugggg, make a bigger one PLEASE!


successory for my bag

Review by Ohrapture

I love this thing. It holds my phone (samsung fascinate) and my multitool dry and secure under the velcro flap. The pen loop is great for my knife and the d-ring holds my keys without issue. Even loaded, the pouch does not stand too far off from your shoulder strap, a very big plus for me. Great job chrome.



Review by Steve

Great little pouch. extremely handy. VERY pleased with this after about six months of everyday use.

This pouch works perfect for my job, the pen holster holds up to its true intended function. I use a sharpie pen with a cap. a quick tug leaves the cap in the holster snugly for easy and quick return

The cell phone holster works perfectly with my Nexus S. the only issue I've had is I noticed the water proof tarp material was smudging my screen. nothing a full case for my phone didn't fix.

The pouch in front of the phone is perfect for money and credit card receipts, etc...

The key ring works perfectly when I attach a carabiner with a couple keys on it. anything more than a couple keys and it gets a little bulky where the keys hit your chest and make an annoying sound.


Too Small for iPhone

Review by David

This thing is well built and very slick, but I have an Otterbox case on my iPhone to protect it from water as much as possible and it barely fits in the front fold of this pouch. I have to CRAM it in and it takes two hands to pull it out. Can we get a larger version of this pouch? PLEAASE!!!!


tough put not waterproof

Review by Sam

the accessory pouch is very tough but on top, there is a slot for the speaker, so water can enter...why?? the slot is not important.. i prefer a waterproof and tough pocket for my mobilephone! chrome-team i expected more. sorry


The VELCRO!!!!!

Review by Raymond

I would have given this accessory a 4 star rating (-1 star because its a little too small)...
BUT! The VELCRO @#$%ing sucks... seriously.
Please change it to buckle.


great little buddy

Review by MIKEY

I don't know why people everywhere don't buy this. The pouch is perfect and looks great on every bag. It's kind of nerdy but that's why I love it so. It's functionality makes perfect sense. It easily fits both my iPhone, iPod, a pen of choice, and my Chrome key chain on the bottom. I love it. Everything I need is right there. Also someone else who reviewed this item mentioned the slot opening on top of the pouch was made for a speaker? I guess that would work but obviously it was designed to allow headphones in and out of the pouch. Kind of a no brainer if you ask me. All and all its a great functional pouch. Wouldn't leave home without it.


Chrome did it again!

Review by Sam

This little pouch is perfect. I can fit my blackberry, wallet, I.D., keys, and a pen. What I need immediate access to, fits. No, it's not perfect, and will not suit your every need in life, but it does what it's supposed to do and does it well. Five stars from me, Chrome!



Review by Tegan

So I picked up this sucker for my Mini Metro, and I'm enamored. Really It's perfect for my cellphone, ID, and various doodads. I wish I got it when I first got my Mini Metro!

I'd love to see more color options for this one, I'm okay with the velcro.


Useful for holding your phone and smashing your phone

Review by Mark

Like many others, I have had some issues with the velcro. I use my bag for work and am constantly swinging it around from back to front. If I'm not careful to make sure this thing is absolutley smashed closed, my phone will fly out at top speed. It's handy to have easy access to ones phone while on delivery, but not so handy to have broken touchscreens twice in one week as a result of this phoneapult and its faulty closure. Unlike my bike I'm not even bothering to get my phone fixed(har). Not sure about the availability of quality velcro, but this thing would benefit from an upgrade.


A great accessory

Review by asfdgfa

It does what it does. It holds your phone and maybe your ipod or whatever else you want to fit in there. Great for on the go.

Oh, and broken touchscreens can be prevented by actually remembering to close the velcro. (When closed, it holds quite well). It's not the product's fault the user is occasionally absent minded.


Good looking, has potential, but design flaws make it useless

Review by Matt Rabbit

Amazing piece, but a few issues that I would have thought they would have worked out.

1. the velcro does kind of suck, or there isn't enough of it. Difficult to keep shut.
2. It's just too small. Sure if you have a flip phone or iPod mini you're good to go, but my Android doesn't fit well. I had to rig it and add velcro strips to it..

So I'm gonna rate it a 3, but if it was just half an inch longer it'd be amazing..


Almost perfect

Review by ahwoo

Velcro could be more generous. Other than that, a very well made and designed piece.


Has the potential but ......

Review by Don

Great quality but too small for my iPhone. With headphones plugged in, almost impossible to close without bending and eventually messing up the headphones plug. Would like to see one a bit larger.


Velcro, are ya kidding me?

Review by Nick Nguyen

Nice extra for the bag, but velcro? I foresee superglue and new velcro pieces every 3 months...


May be good for very small cell phones, but I bought this thinking that my iphone would fit-- it does not, by a long shot. Now it's just sitting in my desk drawer. Would be nice if this style holster was made with some room for an iphone size cell-- and

Review by jim

Nice design, but size is very very limiting. Cannot use the one I bought. Needs to be wide enough to hold an iphone (very popular if you guys haven't noticed) and in fact, some "wiggle" room on top of that would be nice....many people have slip-on protective covers on their iphones-- make it roomy or adjustable in the width! please!


velcro improved

Review by recneps

I just got the accessory pouch about a week ago. I read all the reviews and the same problem keeps coming up. The little square piece of velcro that doesn't hold the flap very well. On the picture they have it shows a little piece of velcro on it. The one I bought has velcro going across the flap and a longer piece on the pouch side. They should probably update the pictures so people aren't scared off by the review. Mine works fine unless I don't secure the flap down which would be my fault. The only thing that would be better would be a snap or button of some sort. Personally it works just fine for me and looks like it will hold up great. Another quality product from chrome with some improvements!


Smart phones are the new defacto

Review by Megan

If you can afford a Chrome bag and the cellphone holster accessory, the chances are likely that you have a smart phone. The iphone 4 will not fit (even without a protective case on it, the top-over flap is too short.) Wake up Chrome, your customers don't use flip phones anymore.


Holds up, must-have at a sale price

Review by ToDD

I've had this accessory case mounted on my Citizen for the past two and a half years. The vel-cro has never failed me once. My iPhone4 fits (with and without variously-sized cases on it), my BBerry fit when I had it, even an old Droid X fit in there. In addition, you CAN fit a smartphone AND an older iPod (touch, nano, etc) in the small(er) pocket. The quality of this item AT LEAST matches the quality of my bag. I hang my keys from it, I store a pen in it, the thing doesn't show ANY signs of wear, and my bag is daily-use.

Vel-cro has never been an issue. Just remember to close your case, and you'll never lose anything.

Overall, a MUST-HAVE if you get the $half-off deal (I paid full-price, and still consider it a "deal").


cool design, don't get for iphone

Review by Mike

I keep chapstick and keys in mine... not sure who carries a phone small enough to fit in this anymore lol... that said if you want to rock your iphone get the accessory pouch, fits perfect even with a lifeproof case on.


This thing rules

Review by Mikey

Obviously if Zack Efron posing as a bike messenger in the new movie new years eve uses this pouch you should too. It will totally get you girls.


works very well and iphone does fit

Review by RAB

This thing works very well, and FYI people, the iPhone fits just fine!! I've used this with my old iPhone 3gs and with the current iPhone 4S with case. The holder adjusts width wise and length wise. Chrome should add a picture to their product page that shows a larger smartphone in this case. Oh yeah, the case comes off pretty easily if you need to move to another bag or backpack.


Worthwhile Upgrade

Review by Tegan

The Good:
Roomy for a small pouch! Easily fits my EVO in the large compartment and assorted daily travel gear with lots of room to spare.

Great Velcro, they must have listened to the old reviews and upgraded!

The Meh:

Overall good show, my only complaint is i haven't found a good way of keeping it where I want it when I don't have my mini metro over my shoulder, which is a bit of a pain.

Doesn't really work well with the Anton at all, as the other strap slides all over the place too.


great pouch

Review by thomas

I don't know why some people are saying the iphone doesn't fit.


anyway, fits my iphone just fine. i've put my ipod in there before as well. nowadays, i mainly use it as a quick place to store my work ID badge until i have to actually put the badge on.


Dropped cell phone 3 times and it's gone now!

Review by Anne

used as cell phone case because my cell was tiny. (sony erricson). flap does not secure well enough and dropped cell phone twice. 1st time and 2 time got lucky because I was be able to find it but 3rd time was not so much. My cell phone is gone. Do not use product as cell phone case or anything valuable. You will end up loosing it.


too small for Galaxy s2

Review by Brandi

When I had an iPhone 3gs, this case was hella secure. Also very easy to operate with one hand. Now that I have a Galaxy s2, this case is too small, even after adjustments. I use it to hold my keys now, but would rather have the utility pouch instead. Anyone want to trade? If you've got a phone that will fit, you can't beat the usefulness of this pouch.


Great little thing!

Review by Jason

Chuck your phone and keys on it and like a previous reviewer... make sure the velcro is tight, and this thing rocks. It took me a minute to figure out how to use it to suit how I ride and the crap I carry (I keep it on the front velcro of a med. messenger) but after that I was tip-top. Thanks for making such good stuff, Chrome!


Good concept, room for improvement

Review by Skylar

-Improved velcro, holds tight (but you do need to make sure you press it closed)
-Fits most phones (My old 4" screen Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 fit and my new 4.3" HTC EVO3D both fit in the main pocket)
-Vertical and horizontal strap system allow for bag mounting (horizontal straps) and belt mounting (with vertical straps)
-Can fit an iPod mini in the second pocket no problem.

-Main pocket NOT big enough to fit smartphones with even a thin case. This is a problem for those of you who may use your phone while riding (e.g. messengers, getting directions from friends). Drop your caseless phone while riding, get a new phone.
-Main pocket also not big enough to fit a 3" x 5" notepad, one of the smallest I can regularly find. I know it was designed more with phones in mind, but if they expanded the pocket by maybe even just a half inch in width, the notebook would fit (this might also allow for using phone cases too).
-The pen loop is too small for any pen that uses a rubber grip. Pretty much will only work with regular BIC pens.

Additional suggestions: Add small folding flaps near the corners of the opening flap and main compartment. Anything really that helps cover the top corners which are slightly subject to rainfall, bad for both phones and notebooks.


Love this piece

Review by Napoleon

Although I know many others that ride with ear buds. I do not. I like to know my "on goings" surrounding me when I ride. I love my cell holster. Mainly cause it holds my iPhone and I play my tunes as I ride, without having to use ear buds.



Review by Gus

I bought this about 6 months ago and I use it everyday. I clip my keys to the D ring and put my iPhone 4S and it fits perfectly. I have no problems with keeping the flap closed and secure to the Velcro. I'd recommend it to any commuter or everyday rider!


Accessory Pouch Review

Review by Gabe

Since you already dig the weather proofing and durability of our bags, why would you expect anything less that can help stow your iPhone or Android?! The Cordura outer-shell and PVC lining ensures that mother nature doesn't ruin your $400 dollar phone. The little pocket in front of the holster ensures I never misplace lighters anymore as well!



Review by Carlos

This is a neat accessory, a must have! it would be cool if chrome made a U-lock holster.


too small for Droid

Review by Sarah

Ack, wanted to love this holder so much, but alas was just a bit too small to securely hold my Android. Dropped the phone once, but luckily, with no damage.
It is adjustable, but hey I am too lazy to spend more than 20 minutes trying to get a $20 assemblage of velcro to adjust to hold my phone and then fit on my bag. Will be getting rid of this and ordering the London accessory pouch.

Works well to hold an ipod though, but like other reviewers have said - too small for almost all smart phones!


great for an iphone

Review by Miguel

fits my iphone 4, with it's otter box case. super convenient and nice to have!


Wish it was a tad bigger, then it would still have a place in my life and I wish the velcro held better, even though it seems like this problem has been resolved by the comments I have read.

Review by Michael

-Worked well when I had my old Droid. Droid Razr barely fits on it's own, let alone with an iPod. This is basically useless to me now.

- I must have an old one, the velcro is horrible.


F***ing A, and A is for Awesome!!!!

Review by Eddy M.

I got a Yalta around a year ago, and thought I should buy some more organization for the bag, so I got the accessory pouch and have not been disappointed! The tough exterior is great, It fit my old phone (AT&T Link) and my "As Seen On TV" money clip (with around 5 cards and a few bills double folded) perfectly, at hands reach when i needed to answer a call/text or pay for something. Of course it comes with the ring for your key which is also very convenient and the pen sleeve.

If you are one that has a lot of keys or maybe a lot of key ring bling, while riding your bike or walking they might bug the crap out of you with the momentum and the pen holder doesn't work well with pens that have a pre-assembled grip that bulges out since it will get stuck when you need to pull it out.

Although now that I have upgraded to an Iphone 4 I can't fit my money clip in the pouch since the Iphone is a bit larger than my prior phone. BUT! the Iphone 4 fits perfectly and even with my Mophie Juice Pack Air case it fits snug enough where I can easily take out and put it back in (That's what she said!). If you don't have a case on your phone you may want to get one or just a screen protector since I believe after time in and out of the pouch it may get scratches. Also the headphone slit at the top of the pouch is great for easy listening to your ipod or whatever, and if you use it like I do on the Velcro shoulder straps of my bag the pouch is relatively close to your head so you might want to wrap your headphones around you pouch a few times otherwise your left with excess cable loose around that area.

Bottom Line: The pouch is a great accessory for easy accessibility whether your phone, wallet, keys, pen, or other. Velcro is great, its tough & weatherproof, a must have if you don't like carrying things in your pockets especially while riding, but it might not fit larger model phones.


Great looking attachment

Review by Dan

For those of you who didn't read the description, this will obviously and definitely not fit your smart phone. The picture even has a clamshell phone in it.

Other than that, this is extremely durable.


wish it held smart phones

Review by chris murphy

I like the idea of this pouch but wish they would make a updated size for those of us with larger android style phones. I upgraded from an OG Evo to a galaxy s3 and the pouch turns the volume down as soon as I put my phone inside. Not a huge deal it's sti'll very useful I just wish my phone still fit.


Tough as nails

Review by Gauver9

This pouch is a great product. It fits my iphone4 like a glove and the velcro is really strong. Good job Chrome, im very pleased.


smart ass idea

Review by oscar gallegos

This is one of the best accesories ever made by chrome, I bought it like an hour ago and my HTC sensation and ipod fit perectly in there, looks bad ass in my citizen savage :) I love chrome !!


GREAT! (but)

Review by nathan

So, I'm loving this little pouch. It's the PERFECT place for my phone and helps keep the wires to the earbuds untangled as well as out of the way... But I got no precut slot for the headphone plug! WHAT GIVES?! Fix that and I'll give you a 5... More than a 5 actually, cause you'd hafta magically fix it while it's here in my home... That'd be awesome.


Not bad after over a year

Review by Mickey

I swear I must be the only person in the world that doesn't keep their phone strapped to their bag. I use this thing to carry my Gerber multi-tool and a bicycle multi-tool, which both fit in the main compartment. The front compartment holds my garage door opener, since I ride either a scooter or bicycle every day and keep them in my garage.
Before I got this, I was actually using 5.11 magazine pouches to hold all my stuff and just clipping my garage door opener to the strap of my bag. All that is not a problem anymore.


Really well made, needs a slightly longer flap for newer android phones.

Review by Grim

I bought one of these to go along with my Metropolis bag. Really pleased with the quality of the material and how securely it anchors to the bag. I have not had any problem with the velcro keeping it attached to the bag or keeping the flap closed (even in a rain storm everything inside stayed dry).

My only complaint is that for taller phones (my Galaxy Nexus is 5.34in x 2.67in x .35in) with a small wallet or badge in the front pocket, the flap feels like it is barely reaching. I will probably add a strip of velcro to make sure that I always close it properly. If you make sure the flap is closed, the velcro will hold it, but sometimes I don't always remember to carefully close the flap.

I would love to see this in a slightly larger size for taller phones, or for an addon to extend the flap/bring the loop side of the velcro further up to make the closure feel more guaranteed when I'm taking things out and putting them back in while on the go.


One of the best pouches money can buy!!!

Review by Brian

Got this a few weeks ago with my chrome citizen and i am really impressed. The quality is top notch. If you have a phone or electronic device do not hesitate to buy this. I had a problem with putting my phone in my pocket and it falling out. So this really helps. My only complaint is I have an IPhone 5 with an Otterbox Defender Case pretty bulky. and it's hard to get in and Chrome if your reading this plz make the accessory pouch longer other wise 5 out of 5!!!


gets the job done

Review by Leeon

fits on my chrome bags like no problem, just that its hard to close if your phone (iphone 4/4s) has headphones plugged in. but thats the only complain i have. good product overall and looks great in kale (green) colorway!


Pretty great so far.

Review by dan

I've had this pouch for a few months now and it's been holding up quite well. I initially had no intention of having a phone pouch and just bought it on a whim, not out of necessity. But apparently, it's extremely useful for a number of things. I use an iPhone 4 with a medium sized Incipio case, it used to get covered in sweat in my front pocket but now it safely resides in this durable pouch. Seems to be water resistant, but usually I don't risk it when it's pouring. I keep a ziplock bag in the spare pocket of the pouch for rainstorms. I've also held a pack of smokes, a Bic lighter, and a pen in this pouch. You can hook your keys to the loop, but when you're bent over on a bike it looks and feels odd to have something dangling from your shoulder. The velcro strap itself is that seatbelt material and hasn't come undone from my bag, but constant sliding around has made it fray eventually. This wouldn't happen if I had initially secured it better. There's a port at the top of the pouch for maybe an antenna (walkie talkie? old ass phone?) that I use to connect my headphones too. You can then tuck the headphones into the secondary pocket and answer phone calls easier by using your iPhone's built-in microphone. This is safer, for you and the phone, than riding around with one hand and holding a phone up to your face. I know, it's life changing.


Perfect accessory

Review by Josh

Perfect accessory for your bag and does exactly what it says. Love the extra storage such as the pen holder and a spot to clip my keys.


So useful on the go.

Review by John V

I love this phone pouch. It fits my iPhone 4 perfectly and it can be attached to most any bag with a good shoulder strap. I attached mine to my Mission WorkShop Rambler bag, and it's awesome. It obviously works well with Chrome bags too. It's that item you don't know what you did without it until you have it.


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